********** Seed Microcosm **********
The 'Seed Microcosm' endeavours to investigate cyclical notions in routine, and the relationship domestic patterns establish with local environmental systems. Inspired by an image taken at  Montreal Botanical Gardens (see below), the bird feeder pulls live wind data from Dark Sky API, configured to the latitude and longitude of the viewer, in order to simulate the patterns that seeds falling from the bird feeder might follow in the locality of the user, under  the influence of the wind. at the current speed and bearing of that locality.
The patterns created are therefore based on the location of the viewer's device, and the wind speed and bearing of their local surroundings. In doing this, the patterns mimic the paths the waiting squirrels - the 'feeders' captured in the original image - might have taken in various conditions in order to follow their meal. The 'Seed Microcosm' is both static (constantly snowing as it was initially viewed and captured), and at the same time omnipresent, relative to the viewer.
It evolves through evaluation of a live environmental factors in relative localities.
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